• Scribner's Restaurant, Milford CT
  • Restoration Belcourt Castle Newport RI

  Paul Petrushonis Stained Glass Design & Restoration has been in business for more than 35 years. In addition to Paul's creative and restoration acumen, he operates a unique retail enterprise featuring stained glass creations ranging from jewelry items to Tiffany-style lamps, shades and windows. He also handles the tools, glass and equipment necessary for anyone willing to try their hand at creating their own design.

  AND...Paul is also a well respected teacher who has generously shared his expertise with not only Milford's Adult Education program (in Connecticut) for more than 18 years, but has also taught stained glass classes in Anguilla. Every Fall and Spring the City of Milford, CT counts on Paul to teach his stained glass techniques to the citizens of his hometown.

  An expert in the style and works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Paul's enthusiasm for his craft has provided him the opportunity to create original stained glass pieces for such institutions as the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, the First Congregational Church in Wallingford as well as Yale University and it's School of Nursing in New Haven. However, Paul's forte is in the area of stained glass restoration. He has worked on repairing and/or restoring stained glass windows for most of the churches in his native town of Milford, Connecticut and has also worked on some of the most prestigious and exclusive homes in southern Connecticut.

SIZE: 24" X 24"

Created for and sold at the
Anguilla International Arts Festival.

Anguilla International Arts Festival - Stained Glass - PAUL PETRUSHONIS
Milford Adult Education - Stained Glass